Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bobby Brown

A driving piece of bass laden soul with blaring Ohio Player's horns. The lyrics of this song are as desperate as the music - with Bobby screaming why things are so bad? - he wants to know why we suffer? This is not just a plea for justice but also a plea for the decency of being given an answer to why things are so bad. The backdrop to this song was the burgeoning civil rights movement and this is one of the most expressive songs to emerge from that era. The only song of the era which I know which uses the phrase equal opportunities. It was also recorded by the Ohio Players as Tell Me Why on their album of Compass recordings called First Impressions. The song shouldn't be confused with another Johnny Brantley song Why Is It Taking So Long recorded by George Scott and Nate Adams which is a different song.

The B-side is another song used by Johnny on other artists - A Woman And Some Soul which is a party time record based around a peristent guitar riff and contrasts with the intensity of Why. You can also find a version on the Ohio Player's album First Impressions. On the Ohio Players's version the title contains the extra phrase A Little Soul Party which about sums up the song with its 60's party-time noises and good time feel.

I am not sure whether this is the same Bobby Brown who recorded another piece of rough edged soul for Jacklyn - I Gotta Have You/Love Won't You Give Us A Chance which are Jack Daniels productions out of Chicago.

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  1. Gosh!!!! I looooved your weblog! S much neat stuff about old school soul music! Just loved it! you're on my faves now.