Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mighty Hannibal Takes NY By Storm

Hannibal returned in triumph to the NY stage on Saturday 4th February. All the reports that I have received said that the show was superb and that he went down a storm.

The fist report I received was from a delighted Miriam Linna, Norton Records who sent me the above photo of Hannibal and Josh Styles, the organiser of the gig and weekender. You can also read a brief review in FADER magazine

He sang the following:-

Get In The Groove
Good Time
Please Take A Chance On Me
Hymn #5
Midnight Hour
The Truth Shall Make You Free
I Just Want Some Love
Jerking The Dog
Fishin' Pole

Since the gig, I have spoken to Hannibal on several occasions as part of an ongoing interview I am doing with him on his career. Hannibal was very happy with his performance and the response of the crowd.

He is fine spirits and keen to do more gigs. If anyone wants to contact him then please do so via Norton Records. He is also working on a new version of Hymn No 5 with Wendell Parker which will bring the song upto date for these troubled times.

Again, watch this space because I will be including some of the interview with him in the blog.

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