Tuesday, September 30, 2008

O.V. Wright Night 15/11/08 @ Ground Zero Blues Club Memphis

My friend Red Kelly of Soul Detective blog has let me know of the above special event:

Yes indeed, tickets for our long awaited gala fundraiser, O.V. Wright Night, are now available right here online! The concert will be held at the Ground Zero Blues Club in Memphis at 8pm on Saturday, November 15th. It will feature the music of O.V. performed by the musicians who were there with him on most of his incredible recordings, the legendary Hi Rhythm, along with a host of special guests handling the vocals. More details will follow on the line-up as they become available. We're working on it...

Keep in touch and purchase tickets from here:



  1. Preston Lauterbach2:43 AM

    Colin-- We just added Otis Clay to the ticket that already features Hi Rhythm.
    I think we'll have a few more tricks up our sleeve as well. And you won't want to miss the unveiling of O.V.'s gravestone the next day.
    Thanks for all of your support Keeping Soul Alive,

    Preston Lauterbach

  2. Hi Preston

    Great news - Otis is top man!!!!

    Wish I could be there - however I will be there in spirit!!!

    I'll post up a tribute to O.V. on the night.

    Take care


  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Hi Colin

    The UK will be represented in Memphis at O V Wright night. I am flying across for the weekend to attend the concert and the dedication.

    It's going to be some event.