Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jimmy Radcliffe Unissued Track "Insults"

Jimmy Radcliffe Insults

I have posted before on Jimmy Radcliffe and the large number of tracks by him which lie in the can.

Chris, Jimmy's son, has been posting a selection of these unissued tracks on the excellent Soul Source site. Please join Soul Source and listen to Jimmy's wonderful music.

I hope that all these unissued tracks will see light of day on CD because Jimmy's creativity needs more recognition as one of the great songwriters of the 20th Century.

Chris says of Insults:

"Insults, 8 minutes of taking it to the streets and tellin' it like it is by the one and only Jimmy Radcliffe. This is a 1968 studio take of a protest a song that had been performed live in a show with Richie Havens. It's About Bein' Tired!, tired of inequality, tired of un-fulfilled promises, tired of segregation and the frustration, Tired Of Institutionalized Oppression, Tired Of The Games That Keeps A Soul In Shame And We Won't Take One More Insult."

A true masterpiece - thanks Chris!


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Can't find them on the site. An accurate link would be nice !

  2. Hi

    You have to register with Soul Source and once you have become a member you can access "Sounds" - run a search on Jimmy and they will come up though they will probably be mixed up with other sounds so just keep trawling down the list - well worth it!!!



  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Thanks !