Thursday, March 01, 2007

Johnny Brantley Productions Continued

Starting from today, I thought I'd regularly post up sound clips of some Johnny Brantley productions to go with my long running research into his productions: Jimmy Castor Magic Saxophone Smash

As far as I know this was the only side Johnny produced on Jimmy Castor. You can read about his early career in a couple of interviews on the Net at Soul Patrol and 70 Disco.Com . Neither interview mentions anything about his work with Johnny and I can only presume they met and worked together on the New York circuit around 1965?

Jimmy Norman I'm Leaving Mercury

Jimmy Norman worked with Johnny Brantley on a number of 45s for Mercury and Samar and I am still working on a full post on Jimmy to be published in the next few months.
Ohio Players It's A Cryin' Shame

As with Jimmy Norman, I am working on a fuller post on the Ohio Players involvement with Johnny Brantley. I mentioned a week or so ago that Niko from Early Hendrix has sent me some tracks on CD-R which I believe are un-credited Ohio Players tracks. These tracks will feature in the forthcoming post.

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