Thursday, May 28, 2009

Creative Funk

The posting of the above video link on Soulful Detroit led to this messagef rom Gary DeBerry:

Hello Creative Funk Fans. Thanks so much for keeping the memory alive. To make a long story short the band did "defunk" in 1975.We all moved on and did severasl things.Denzil wrote,played and produced several records. Diane Jenkins continued as a solo artist. I played with flutist Bobbie Humphry.then Norman Connors with Jeane Carne then Stanley Turrentine. I also recorded with Sony under Corey Rooney.I play with club date agency bands.Deek My brother who wrote Ready Made Family passed away in 2007 and Clarence Basset passed in 2005.I am stil doing my thing playing and writing Gospel jazz and smooth jazz.I started a club date band with my wife Barbara an excellent pianist. I am working on my 6th CD... My daughter is in the game, she has signed with Universal/Motown records under the name Yolanda Renee Her single will be released this month of April.God has opened another door for acting.I just shoot a print ad for Vicks Nyquill,don't no where that came so much for your DeBerry. Let's stay in touch
Stay Blessed
Bassist Gary DeBerry Sr.

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  1. Deborah9:31 AM

    as a child i remember you? Diane, are you related to the jenkins and lawrences from SC? johnnys daughter. Dino your brother or cousin. if so hit me up.