Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vietnam Soul On Sitting In The Park

Picked this up from Bob over on Sitting In The Park radio show:

In honor of Memorial Day I did a radio show of all Vietnam records. You can check it out at:

Vietnam Soul

Playlist follows. Thanks for your interest.

Fabulous Perfomers - One little kiss - Blackjack
Charades - You better believe it - Harlem Hitparade
Renaldo Domino - Two years, four days - Sincere
Emotions - Going on strike - Volt (LP)
Lovers - Do this for me - Phillips
Intentions - Don't forget that I love you - Phillips
Skip Jackson and the Shantons - Promise that you'll wait - Dot-mar
Emanuel Lasky - A letter from vietnam - Westbound
Jo Ann Garrett - Little brown letter - Duo
Players - He'll be back - Minit
O'jays - There's someone waiting back home - Neptune
Dells - Does anyone know I'm here - Cadet
Chymes - My baby's gone away - Down to Earth
Brothers of Soul - Wait for me - Boo
Beverly Schaefer - Where will you be boy - One-Der-Ful
Helen Curry - A prayer for my soldier - DJO
Impressions - Don't cry my love - ABC
Chuck Corby and the Entrees - Bring my daddy home - Sonic
Auditions - Returning home from vietnam - Freckles
Masters of Houston - Please wait for me - Ovide
Devotions - So glad you're home - J-City
Lavells - In a crowded station - CTB
Charmels - Please uncle sam (send back my man) - Volt
Linneas - My baby comes home today - Diamond
Patricia Denson and the Soul Expressions - Home from vietnam - Achillean
Mike Williams - Lonely soldier - Atlantic
Archie Bell and the Drells - A soldier's prayer 1967 - Ovide
Gary and the Knight Lights - Lonely soldier's pledge - Bell
Mizax and the Flizaps - One the other side - ABC

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