Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The DT6 Baden Persuader/Takes

The DT6 - Baden Persuader / Takes - New 45 Out Next Week - Pre Order Details!
Starla Records – Glasgow, Scotland

The DT6 - "(Theme From) The Baden Persuader"
Emili Sandé & Marco with The DT6 "Takes"

Starla Records SRC 1002 – 45 Single

Scotland’s Starla Records return with their second 45 featuring another funk/soul split single from the label’s house band The DT6.

This time the A-side comes in the form of “(Theme From) The Baden Persuader” an Eastern sounding funk track with echoes of the exotic 60s spy soundtracks of Lalo Schifrin and Turkish Psych.

On the flipside is “Takes” which features the label’s own Marco on vocals, though this time the duties are shared with rising Scottish vocalist Emili Sandé. Gaining the support of fans and critics alike for her solo acoustic (modern) R&B, Emili has taken the opportunity to work with the DT6 on the classic Northern/Modern Soul sound. Featuring string and brass sections and group backing vocals, “Takes” is the largest recording yet undertaken by Starla.

In contrast “(Theme From) The Baden Persuader”, in common with the majority of The DT6’s unaccompanied work, comes from organic jam sessions, where the band experiment with sounds, all the while letting the funk flow. Indeed the organ solo on “Baden Persuader” came about as an accident as it was the warm-up for the band with the newly-installed Starla Hammond on the band’s first run through on tape.

Starla have a number of other recording projects lined up for future releases with other artists and collaborations, more info and upcoming live dates for The DT6 soon.

The records will return from the pressing plant in the next week, to pre-order for £5.00 plus P&P please head to or email us at starlarecords (at)

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