Monday, July 06, 2009

Pat Powdrill Do It

Following from the post on the Ikettes - here is former Ikette Pat Powdrill on the Wigan casino classic Do It.

You can see more about Pat Powdrill here:

Excerpt from "Spectropop Presents Looking for Pat Powdrill by Brian Nevill"

"In September 1991 I had an article published in Goldmine magazine.It was about a small independent record label called Downey, which operated from the late 1950s through the late 1960s and produced one huge hit, "Pipeline" by the Chantays. The label was run by Bill Wenzel and his son, Jack, whose younger brother, Tom, later ran a collector's record store called Wenzel's from the site of the old Downey studio, with his wife, Maxine, in Downey, Southern

"My next project presented itself during my research for the Downey article. The label had produced and released a motley mixture of different artistes, from SoCal surf/guitar bands to cabaret acts to black vocal groups and R&B singers. One of the obscure artistes tucked away on two Downey releases was a female singer named Pat Powdrill. She started as a name in a discography as far as I was concerned, and then I got more interested when I discovered that one of the records she made for Downey was written by a yet-to-make-it-big Barry White. I then discovered that Pat Powdrill had been a member of the Ikettes, Ike Turner's girl group, and that there were pictures of her in Tina Turner's autobiography, 'I, Tina'. At this point I was getting more intrigued by Pat Powdrill than most of the other artistes on the Downey label, and my first move toward finding out more was to buy a copy of Tina's book. I decided to do an article on the Ikettes and their convoluted history as soon as I had finished the Downey piece."

To read the entire, excellent, in-depth article / interview with the late Pat Powdrill, go to:

Pat Powdrill On Spectropop

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