Sunday, September 23, 2007

C.P. Love

C.P. Love has long been one of my favourite Louisiana singers and I was fortunate enough to catch him singing at the New Orleans Jazz Fest a few years back.

He has a new CD out soon called Homeland. Here is a brief bio on the man:

Born in Louisiana just outside of New Orleans' colorful French Quarter, CP Love grew up surrounded by a heritage of Blues and Jazz. CP was raised listening to the greats, many of who also started their music careers on the Mississippi, down in New Orleans. Sam Cooke, Elmo James, and Johnny Taylor all became the foundation of Blues that inspired CP to create his own style.

Filled with soul and high energy, CP delivers his music with a tremendous amount of feeling through a clear soulful voice that was made for Blues. The only son of Roy and Corine Love, CP took to music as a teenager. Local bands solicited CP's guitar playing and he found himself with professional gigs as early as age 15. Being too young to legally enter, let alone play in a club, on occasion when police would stop in during one of their gigs, CP would quickly disappear and wait out back till authotities left. CP began opening for top acts in the early 70's for entertainers such as BB King and Fats Domino.

He has also performed on prominent stages across the country as a headliner himself. CP has performed at many Blues and Jazz Festivals, including New Orleans' famous Jazz Fest as well as appearances from California to New York and to Canada at the Montreal Blues Featival, with over 250,000 people in attendance. CP has been compared to greats such as Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.

However, it's his originals, Stubborn Girl", "True Blue" and "Secondline Home" that are real gems. CP's music style range from Blues and Soul to R&B and Raggae, and his song list is extensive including standards and originals. While CP"s recordings are awesome, nothing can compare to seeing him perform live! CP's Southern Soul style is upbeat and unforgetable.

In addition to working with his band, CP founded Trip City Jingles, and is president of Pierre' Publishing. CP is currently working on several projects, writing, arranging, and recording. Putting his career on hold after Hurricane Katrina, his new CD "My Homeland" is now complete and ready for release.

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  1. Anonymous2:58 AM

    I am also a big fan of CP Love...and not just because he is my dad. Everytime I have had the opportunity to see him perform I have been blown away. I agree that his voice is made for blues. He is phenomenal. Thanks for including him in your blog. -Eden