Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Function Club Malmoe 22/9/07

Picked up an update from Sebastian Fonzeus on the Function Club:

During the past 6 months my friends Helena, Jonte and Joppe have been running a great soul club called FUNCTION here in our hometown of Malmoe, Sweden. They've organised a series of club nights as well as a two-day weekender and have had some TOP DJs guesting like Butch, Honky, Tommy Sovik, James Trouble, Dean Anderson, Christian Brodsjoe, Johan Tollgerdt, Lin & Jamie Taylor, Micke Balkefors, Christian Hermansson, Gustav & Johannes etc.). I'll be joining them as a resident DJ in September so I thought that it would be a good time for me to do a post about it here.

FUNCTION is held at a two-room venue in the centre of Malmoe, it's one smaller room and then a big "main room" and the entire place has got a capacity of about 400-500 people. In the main room we mostly play 60's-70's northern, crossover, modern and funk. In the smaller room, the music is more leaned towards 70's and onwards modern soul and disco. We've got some very nice "main room" guest DJ's lined up for the autumn/winter and here is the info:

September 22nd - Ian Wright
October 20th - Heikki H (Helsinki)
November 17th - Richard "DJ Honky" Lewis (NYC)
December 15th - residents galore

We haven't decided upon guest dj's in the smaller room yet, but there will be at least one guest dj in there per night throughout the autumn too.

Our website can be found at:


Or... here are some direct links to those pages:


There are cheap flights by Ryanair to Malmoe airport. Copenhagen airport is just as close, trains to Malmoe from there take 30 minutes.

Hotel bookings can be made here: http://www.malmo.se/hotel (in English).

If you're planning to visit any of our nights, be there early as it's usually very busy and fills up quickly.

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