Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rebeat Funk

Rebeat says:

You can not miss the heavy raw beauty of a night dominated by original deep funk 45swe are warming things up for our big anniversary!

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The rebeatfunknight is a regular monthly funk club night which offers an imaginative tour through the funk-hot-spots in the states between the late 60’s & early 70’s, just as if you where present at a concert with hundreds of funk bands playing their hottest tunes non stop one after the other, and one better as the other. Besides spinning vinyl we play live sets with our own combo and offer also full length shows played by the most exciting funk bands on earth. Four years ago we were lucky enough to find the right location for our aims: a 17th century basement with massive stone walls and a nearly perfect tight acoustic for our syncopated grooves. The “Ruefetto” has been ever since our home and the place “par excellence” in Freiburg and around for real funk-lovers who expect fine quality in the music selection and an explosive dance-driven evening as well.

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