Friday, September 21, 2007

Linda Jones Gee

Courtesy of Johnny Spencer

I picked a bulletin up from Terry Jones, the daughter of the late, great soulstress Linda Jones:
Just reaching out to let you know today we made available the single Gee on MySpace .
Everyone was asking for it so I put it out there on
Or you can visit my Mom's Myspace page and click there to get it.
I'm currently working on the unreleased material and trying to have it ready for the holidays. "GEE" will not be on the CD it will only be available as a download.
I wish my Mom was here to see how many fans she still has!
Take Care and Talk Soon,
Terry Jones
Here is what Terry has to say about he mother:

My Mom Linda Jones left this earth way to soon. Most of the information written about my mother is incorrect so lets start with her birth date. Linda was born in Newark, New Jersey December 14, 1944 not in January as previously reported and she did not collapse backstage at the Apollo during her week engagement, rushed to the hospital slipped into a coma and passed away. She did fall ill at the Apollo but my Mom came home, laid down after her first show, my grandmother went into her room to wake her so she could get ready for her next performance but my Mom would not wake up. She went into a sugar coma. My grandmother called the ambulance and they rushed my Mom to the hospital and on March 14, 1972 she passed away. My Mom should have canceled her performance that day but not my Mom.
Let's talk about the pleasant things about my Mom. She would go in the studio never hearing a song and once taught the melody would sing the song down in one take, while reading off of the paper. Richard Poindexter who co-wrote "Hypnotized will tell you she recorded in one take! She was what they call a singers singer. She suffered with diabetes and other heath problems but that never stopped her from doing her music to the fullest. My Mom didn't have the best people around her handling her business but not many artist of her time did.
One day I will tell the complete story but for now I ask you to enjoy her music old and get ready for the new to be released on my label in 2008. I would like to say thank you to all of my Mom's fans around the world old and new for keeping her memory and music alive!!
Sincerely, Terry Jones Daughter Of Linda Jones
By the way, if you want to see more of Johnny Spencer's artworks then drop by his site.

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