Sunday, June 22, 2008

Deep Soul Street

Deep Street Soul Snippets

Deep Street Soul are an Australian band. Check out their MySpace - here's their blurb:

Deepstreetsoul are funk DJ & drummer Sol Loco, bass player & soul aficionado Papa ‘J’ Hunter, Cropper lovin’ Matt ‘Guitars’ Green and queen of the keys, the very groovy Ms. Monique.

Formed in early 06’ with then man of the 6 string Trev D, deepstreetsoul were all about recapturing some old skool southern flavors they’d all DJ’ed over the previous decade. Inspired by the breakout of nu funk throughout Europe & the States (not forgetting Osaka Monaurail and Melbourne’s own - The Bamboos) they hit the clubs.

Starting out with an initial batch of Booker T & Meter’s covers, these quickly morphed into their own set of break filled funk & soul.teaming with local funk legend DJ John Idem & DJ Cassandra ArdQ in early 07, they released their first 45’ getdownHQ/deepstreet strut on their JayCee’s label. The 45’ quickly sold out and saw rotation on stations & mixes worldwide. As a result, a new 45’ loose caboose/nasty was recorded for JayCee’s early 08’ and is due for release in May.

Also slated as a special digital release in June are 3 tracks on local man-about-town Blair Stafford's straightup recordings label.

The band will be touring throughout the rest of 08' bringing their love of sweet soul & funk to the people. dig it.

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