Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Willie Walker Hoochin' With Larry

Willie Walker Hoochin' With Larry Snippets
I was recently tipped to this new CD from Willie Walker which you can pick up from CD Baby.
The CD has been released to coincide with a project called SEMAj Music:

Mr. Walker has lent his rich, soulful blues voice to “SEMAj Music STP” in order to seed our mission. SEMAj MUSIC endeavors to network with youth and area businesses. Through the art of music, Semaj events, product sells and advertisement dollars, Semaj is able to mentor and employ the youth. We believe by partnering with the youth and area businesses, we can empower the youth with a sense of proprietorship, reduce crime, build a stronger community, as well as a stronger economy. Mr. Walker remains a member in good standing with the Butanes, so catch’em when their in your town.

I will be bringing you more information on Willie Walker over on my Dark End Of The Street blog in the near future.

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