Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coldwater Stone Outside Love Affair

Coldwater Stone Outside Love Affair GSF LP Defrost Me
Coldwater Stone was a pseudonym for producer and song writer Freddy Briggs who recorded the album after a very creative period working at Stax mainly with his friend Darryl Carter.
Freddy was married to Kimberley Briggs better known as Kim Tolliver. Together they set up the Castro Production company to record this album in Cleveland, Muscle Shoals and Miami. In the same year, Freddie produced Kim's superb Chess album Come And Get Me , I'm Ready after previously producing her Fantasy album Passing Clouds. You can hear kim singing on Outside Love Affair which she also wrote.
Sadly, Kim died last year but I have no information on Freddy's situation. Please taken a listen to my tribute to Kim Tolliver.
I don't think the Coldwater Stone album has been issued on CD but it should be because it one of the best from the early 70's.
Update 22/6/08
Paul Mooney of Millbrand has been in touch to let me know the following:
Fred Briggs died in Los Angeles in November 2006 - just six or seven months before Kim Tolliver passed away in Cleveland.

I was told this by Kim's eldest daughter. We keep in touch because Millbrand Music controls the publishing rights to most of Kim's songs.

By the way, Kim and Fred weren't actually married but she used his surname sometimes.

Best regards,

Thanks Paul!!

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  1. Andrew Hamilton2:47 AM

    Worked with Fred in the early seventies. I co-wrote "I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On" with him, which Kim Tolliver, his girlfriend at the time, recorded. Fred first tried to get Don Davis to cut it on Johnnie Taylor. Myself, Claude "Butch" Nelson and Briggs wrote some more tunes that he was trying to place with GSF Records but to my knowledge nothing became of them. Fred was a character but he also was a to-the-bone, bang 'em out songwriter. He worked as a cab driver when he lived in Cleveland. I had been trying to find out what happened to him for years. And now I know, thanks to this blog.