Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Carolina Soul Radio Show

Check out this year's 2009 Carolina Soul Radio Show as broadcast on WXYC-89.3 FM in Chapel Hill, NC on 2/26/09 :

Playlist (all are vintage 45s except two selections as noted):


Willy McDougal "Don't Turn Away" (Kinard)
Little Charles "Let's Talk (About The Women)" (Starr Mount)
Guitar Slim "That's What Its All About" (BoRo)


Billy Mack "I Am A Son Of A Lover" (Tina)
Chuck-A-Luck & The Love-Men LTD. "Hard To Satisfy" (Tay-Ster)
Dennis Robinson "Hard To Handle" (Red Lite)
Dennis Robinson "Looking For My Baby" (TA)
Cliffhangers "Since You've Gone Away" (K-Cea)


Yakity Yaks "You, Ya, You" (Scope)
Rudy Mockabee "Sweet Thing" (Atco)
Moses Dillard and the Dynamic Showmen "I'll Pay The Price" (Mark V)
Moses Dillard And The Dynamic Showmen "Pretty As A Picture" (Mark V)
Johnna Ford and the "Hip" Huggers "Take What I Got" (Gervais)
Dreamettes "That's Not Love" (The Dream Makers)



Mighty Bill's Combo "Hot Fever" (Bill's)
Willie James & The Mighty Bill's Combo "The Way You Love Me Sometime" (Bill's)
New Cavaliers "My Love Has Gone" (Audiofonics)
New Cavaliers "My Dearest Shirley" (Audiofonics)
Travis and Pearl "Little Girl Don't You Cry" (P.J.)
Objectives "My Love Went Away" (Jewel)
Nick Allen "Hard Way To Go" (Walas)


Benny Hall "I Need You" (Mammoth)
Benny Hall "Your Love Got Healing Power" (Mammoth)
Sugarcreek "Running Out Of Time" (Beaver)
Living Color "Plastic People" (Sophisticated Funk)
Exit "Blow It Out" (Rex)
Jim Warner Jr. & The Sisters "Bus Stop U.S.A." (Jamark)
Benny Gordon & The Soul Brothers "Give A Damn About Your Feller Man" (Estill)


Entramations "My Love" (Jadel)
Clay Brown "Why You Want To Change - Part 1" (Florentine)
Clay Brown "Walk With A Groove" (Florentine)
Admiral Ice "My Carolina Girl" (Ocean-Side)
East Coast Jammers "Life's Little Games" (ECJ)



James Reese "Let's Go (It's Summertime)" (Tramp 45 - new release)
Frank James And Shadow "Summer Time" (Super Sonic)
Demoria And and The Cosmicnauts "Experiences" (King's Music City)
Cobra Heart Band "Thinking Of You" (Cobra Heart)
Vernon Young "Closing In On My Mind Pt. 1" (Outfront)


New Creation "Ain't No Right Way To Do Wrong" (New Creation)
Singing Tornados "Traveling Through The Land" (Expression)
Mellow Madness Band "Boogie M" (BR)
ASAP Band "Watch Me" (Duel)
Mellow Madness "Memories Of You" (Kay-Dee LP - forthcoming release)


Nathaniel Black "Freak All Night" (NDR)
T.M.S. Featuring Jimmy Graham "Get The Feelin" (Showcase)

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