Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dave Ripolles On Jazzman Radio

Take a listen to a recent radio show on Jazzman by Dave Ripolles:

1. Laureda Holloway - Show Me (crossover)
2. Kittie Dosswell - Just a face in the Crowd (crossover)
3. The Experience Unlimited - You Got To Tell Me (crossover)
4. 2001: BLack Essence - Change In My Life (crossover)
5. Doc Peabody - Here Without You (crossover)
6. Prince Geno + The Tailormades - Brand New Man (70's)
7. Bataan - Woman Don't Want to Love Me (70's)
8. Headliners - Little Sister (70's)
9. Billy Byrd and the Black Cloud - Lost in the Crow (70's)
10. Ogletree Brothers - Gonna Keep A Check On You (crossover)
11. Dwight Franklin - Foxie Lila (crossover)
12. Blue Steam - I Want a Girl (crossover/northen)
13. Cake - Make Up Your Mind (Funky Modern)
14. Freedom - High On You (Modern)
15. Chosen Few Band - What It Takes To Live (Modern)
16. Black Rock Educators - Isnt it Nice (Modern)
17. Florecent Smogg - Little Joe (funk)
18. The Experience Unlimited - It's Alright (funk)
19. Equal Rights Band - Junky Twist (funk)
20. Sir Guy - Let Home Cross Your Mind (Funky Soul)

Podcast: Click here to download

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  1. Anonymous12:40 AM

    I've been listening to this for a couple of months on & off and boy is this set a real grower. A sublime selection of tracks that both stand alone in their own right, and work together in a mix. For me personally i didn't feel the funk tunes worked at the end, but that's a minor criticism. Download this immediately and get a taste of some real rare soul.