Monday, March 09, 2009

Richard Pegue RIP

Picked this message up from Bob over on Soul Source:

Hi. Today on my radio show I did a radio show in memory of legendary Chicago DJ Richard Pegue, who sadly and unexpectedly passed away last Tuesday. Pegue was one of the few remaining DJs who truly loved the music. He was a mentor to younger DJs and was an important member of the community. On my show I played all records written, arranged, or produced by Pegue. You can check out the show at:
Playlist follows. You can listen to my 2004 interview with Pegue at:

You can listen to previous shows at:

Here is the playlist. Thanks.

Norvells - As I walk alone - Checker
Cheers - I'm not ready to settle down - Penny
Renaldo Domino - I'm getting nearer to your love - Smash
Jackie Bee - It's a possibility - Salem
Halleluiah Chorus - I've got to find a way - Nickel
Voices - Forever is a long long time - Penny
Extentions - Your heart belongs to me - Nickel
South Suburban Electric Strings - (Pisces) signs of the zodiac - Nickel
Sidney Pinchback - Soul strokes - Twinight
Billy Mitchell Group - My sisters my brothers and all you others - Calla
Norvells - (why don't you try that) greasy kid stuff - Checker
Sidney Barnes - The ember furniture song -
Bull and the Matadors - If you decide - Toddlin Town
Renaldo Domino - Not too cool to cry - Twinight
Norvells - Without you - Janis
Little Ben and the Cheers - Nevermore - Penny
Brothers and Sisters - I am somebody - Toddlin Town
Brothers and Sisters - Nobody is gonna turn us 'round - Toddlin Town
Roy Wood - The tale of three monkeys - Penny
South Shore Commission - Shadows - Nickel
Renaldo Domino - Let me come within - Twinight
Voices - Fall in love again - Penny
Lucky Cordell - This is the woman I love - Nickel


Bob played some beautiful music in memory of Richard Pegue - thanks Richard RIP

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