Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ebony Cuts Update

Ebony Cuts have sent me an update:

The world's longest summerbreak is over!

Lovely Gloria and DJ Cuebism return for the 40th edition of EBONY CUTS!

Download edition #40


Three amazing new mixes online in the guestmixes section at
german DJ legend, remixer and producer feeling the funk 24/7
has done it again with an astonishing special about the legendary BC Records label!
An exclusive musical journey through the back-catalogue of
one of the obscurest labels of the golden age of disco and boogie!
DJ Friction at myspace:
from London - one half of the funky TUTTO MATTO
from Tummy Touch and Jam Block Records
dropped a clusterboogiebomb on us with deadly precision -
filled with hundreds and hundreds of discofunk bomblets
so tightly mixed together not even Kate Moss could fit in between!
Don't try this at home!
Superdisco Paolo at myspace:
Tutto Matto at myspace:
put his 16 years of digging, his countless years at
Stockholm's Recordmania Records and his passionate love for DJing
together and stirred up a heavy mix of - as he calls it:
"american-sounding music of the 70s from every place in the world BUT the U.S."
The result was the final and definite proof of global funking being in full effect!
Do not miss his monthly appearance in the "smokin small room" at Raw Fusion in Stockholm!
see also:
Speaking of missing stuff in Stockholm -
here's a grainy bit of footage from the last time at Stockholm Båtklubb -
wasn't much time to film there, everyone was just too busy dancing, drinking and spinning:
and last but not least we've managed to add some new scans and soundclips to our site as well as
finally extend the archive from show 11 to 30!
All that Jazz at

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