Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Paynes Cafe Royal Llandudno Wales

I must admit that I have always had a soft spot for Llandudno in North Wales because of all the fun I've had there since I was kid back in the early 60's and I continue to drop by even now.

Llandudno has always been synonmous with soul music as are most seaside towns in the UK. Each year, workers and holiday makers migrated to the coast in the summer taking their music with them and would join forces with local soulies.

One of the most famous clubs associated with soul in North Wales was Paynes Cafe Royal. I recently fell on the Paynes Reunion site which is full of wondeful atmospheric photos from a lost age! Here is what they have to say about the club:

Paynes was that wonderful place on Mostyn Street, where the youth of Llandudno (and the rest of North Wales) gathered to bop the night away to soulful sounds of the sixties and seventies. It's really bizarre, but some of the friendships / relationships and even marriages which were started back in the days of Paynes Cafe Royal (every Saturday and Wednesday, and Mondays and Friday at the height of the summer season) are still going strong today. It has been really good knowing that you will be able to catch up with old friends at least twice a year thanks to the reunions, and of course its a good excuse to dig out those dancing shoes (that's you Mike Smith), blow off the cobwebs and move with the groove once more. Despite the aching legs next morning.

The reunions have been held annually, usually at the North Wales Conference Centre (Nov) and the Grand Hotel (March/April), and have always been a sell out event.
This year will be the 12th anniversary of the reunion so make sure you get those tickets early to avoid disappointment. The night promises to be fantastic night of dancing to all your old favourite soul and northern tunes together with a fantastic live act. An excellent night out and support for your local charities, what could be better.

"Get Ready 'Cos Were Gonna Swing, We're Goin', goin' goin' to A Happening"

Over the last eleven years we have had some memorable reunions with most of them being absolute sell-outs, resulting in many people panicking at the last minute because they did not have tickets (that's usually Jimmy). On average each event has sold 500 or so tickets to us "people of later years" (blame that one on Paul Rocky) and has had us groove the night away to the soul sounds of the 60ts and 70ts, and a good time was had by all.

The November Reunionsat the Conference Centre has seen many fine act appear to entertain us on the evening. I can recall that the band for the very first reunion were called The Informers, an eight piece band with two vocalists, 3 brass, rhythm and bass guitar and drums. They did a really good set and included many tunes that were played at The Twisted Wheel. They really impressed me because they opened their set with a version of My Elusive Dream / Moses & Joshua Dillard, absolutely excellent.

Since then we have had appearances from The Real Thing, The Aces, Kenny Weathers & the Emotions, The American Four Tops Show, The Extreme Supremes and of course the absolute master visited us twice and was a very good friend of the reunions, sadly is no longer with us, none other than the late great Edwin Starr. Have a look at the top of the Paynes photo page to see Edwin back in the early 70ts standing on the stairs in Paynes. Edwin ALWAYS gave us a great night, singing all the Motown and Ric-Tic classics (usually at some stage with his backing singers, Sue Jones & Co).

Have a good look around the web site, we hope you enjoy the visit.

This year's reunion is taking place as follows:

Saturday 17th November 2007
North WalesConference Centre
8:00 to 1:30 am (bar to 1:00)ticket £12.50 each
available from Dave Hanson on 07811323698Ray Herbert on C/Bay 518537
North Wales Theatre Box Office 01492 872000

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