Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DC Fontana @ The Yardbird 26/1/08

Check out DC Fontana at the Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham.

See their MySpace:

Turned-on music to quake your bones & pluck your heartstrings with rhythm & bruise from deep within their collective soul . . . . DC Fontana are a mighty musical massive on a mission.

A big-demand attraction in the UK & further afield, the DCs ride the cusp between the hip 21st century mod scene & the earthier scooterist movement, tumbling, twisting & turning as sonic groove gymnasts to produce a vibed-up sound that defies those who would pigeon hole them.

Make no mistake: this is magical music tailor-made to move you…and to make your feet move.

DC Fontana’s art & soul is an all-embracing, celebratory thing, not a myopic regurgitated slice of good-time retro music for a narrow audience of people only content to look back over their shoulders…

The DC Fontana band mixes their own essential original songs together with cool, deluxe soul, beat and mod-jazz grooves from yester-year to create a piping hot sonic stew.

It’s that precious collision of opposites that conjure up the magic…as they capture a sound that is young & old, modern & retro, light & dark, fierce & gentle & they paint an aural picture that is rich from all the spectrum of colour. It’s an expression that’s versatile, heart-felt & it’s a true testament of a band that’s in a state of constant evolution & revolution.

Through circumstance DC Fontana has had to consistently re-invent itself & is currently building success on top of, having evolved into a mini psychasouladelic orchestra!

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