Friday, January 25, 2008

José James The Dreamer

I enjoyed José James's session on the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show - I am a sucker for anyone who has touches of Gil Scott-Heron or Terry Callier but he does have his own voice and sound which is so mellow! His new album The Dreamer is out now!

Drop by his MySpace for plenty more

"I thought singers like this didn't exist anymore, I was wrong, José James is here to remind us why we love music so much!"

- Gilles Peterson

"José James is continuing the legacy of the great jazz masters. With his extraordinary voice, timbered like an instrument, his ears that capture each Coltrane nuance, his lyricism - in his writings and in his passionate expression - the life of the music is being nourished by José James offerings. And when he sings, you can hear it smile."

- Janet Lawson

"Let us put away the dark days of 2006... and make some offerings to secure a more enlightened 2007. A good place to start is the forthcoming album by José James on Brownswood. The Brooklyn based jazz voice is set to follow in the steps of Jon Lucien... there's even a touch of Gil Scott Heron... we're definitely feelin' that version of Trane's 'Equinox'."

- Straight No Chaser

"A natural intimacy that very few people have."

- Andy Bey

"José James is the real deal! He has the voice, poise, charisma, and stage presence. All the ingredients... making him the most exciting singer I've heard in a long time!!"

- Junior Mance

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