Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kim Tolliver Tribute

Kim Tolliver Tribute
I received more sad news last night with the death of Kim Tolliver being reported on the Southern Soul forum via Lou Ragland a long time friend of Kim's from their days in Clevelenad back in the 60's.
There is little information about Kim out there except what has emanated from Lou over the years in various interviews. It must be nearly 8 years ago that we first heard that she was in poor health and one of the early Northern Soul websites published a photo of her and some brief details but they have long disappered into the ether.
Kim did leave us some wonderful music and I have featured 3 of her Rojac 45's in the above tribute:
Cop My Stuff Rojac 128
I'll Try To Do Better Rojac 126
Driving Me To The Arms Of A Stranger Rojac 131

She recorded 45s for Rojac, Sureshot, Gar, Castro and Pathfinder plus 2 albums - Passing Clouds for Fantasy and the wonderful Chess album Come And Get Me I'm Ready as well as her best moment on vinyl - Where Were You a 12" for Rojac. Most of her work was produced or written by her husband Freddie Briggs.

I was first turned on to her music back in '75 when her classic Northern side I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On burned up the dancefloors as a virtual new release. I would have posted that song but my copy refuses to play on my new deck because it is worn out with plays!

Kim Tolliver RIP


  1. Andrew Hamilton2:41 AM

    Hi, I'm Andrew Hamilton from Cleveland, Ohio. I was the one who notified the website about Kim's failing health some years ago and sent the picture. I also co-wrote "I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On" with Fred Briggs back in the early seventies. My name is spelled wrong on the label (Hampton instead of Hamilton). Nice tribute, Kim deserved more than she from the music business.

  2. Anonymous2:00 AM

    A swell thing to do for a artist. I am a real lover of rojac productions and Fat Jack was ahead of the business. I was on the scene with Chuck Flamingo Ike Nesbit and the mant others Big Maybelle, 116th street was jumping with singers, to bad for many surrounded with troubled things happening yet Freddie Briggs and Kim made music happen at rojac despite Jacks lack of taking care of business.They had a harlem sound like motown but lost it to the streets.