Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dee Grant RIP

I picked up the sad news this week from Soul Source that Dee Grant formerly of the Spellbinders died:

Dee Grant founding member of the Spellbinders died suddenly Tuesday this week. Dee sang with the group right from the start, recorded that wonderful album under the direction of Van McCoy, he toured with the group both in the US and abroad.

In 2006, The Spellbinders met for a re-union of the group in New Jersey with Dee flying in from the southern states.

Shout Records have only recently released the above album on the Spellbinders.

The one and only album by this sweet east coast harmony group -- a killer little set that has a warmly soaring feel! Van McCoy's the maestro behind the whole set -- handling both the arrangements and musical backings -- and he gives the group's male/female blend of voices a really great sort of groove! The style's something of a link between Ruby & The Romantics and Friends Of Distinction -- but the harmonies are possibly even better than both of those acts -- much more in the best spirit of the indie harmony soul scene of the time, with a heartbreaking quality that must have sounded great coming out of the speaker of an AM radio on a hot summer night! Titles include "We're Acting Like Lovers", "For You", "One Of A Kind", "Stone In Love", "Chain Reaction", "Long Lost Love", and "Baby I Miss You". CD also features 4 more bonus tracks -- "Danny Boy", "I Believe", "Since I Don't Have You", and "Help Me Get Myself Back Together Again". Dusty Groove

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