Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Parkdale Funk New Mix

Two mixes just in to brighten up this grey December day!!
December started out with a cold blast from Mother Nature. Toronto got hit with a massive snowstorm leaving everyone wishing that they were in Jamaica drinking Red Strip. I decided to put down my funk 45s make a happy weather mix of reggae and Latin 45s.
Visit parkdalefunk.com and check out two podcasts of fun sunny weather tunes to take your mind off the wintertime blues. Double your podcast pleasure with two hot mixes! The Latin soul 45 mix is a website exclusive so make sure to check it out! Hop onto my profile for a full playlist of the reggae mix and listen in.
Visit the Parkdale Funk website and add both mixes to your itunes.Upcoming Info:special holiday mix coming up soon! Keep checking back for a funky christmas 45 set!

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