Saturday, January 05, 2008

Beretta 70

Love Euro cop movies - so here's some music to go with them!!!

Another excellent exploration into the lost world of European film music from the folks at Crippled Dick! Like their other sets, this one features a huge amount of funky and groovy music that you'll never find on the original vinyl -- and unlike the other ones, this one's got a harder, heavier edge, due in great part to the "cop" origins of the music. There's lots of heavy grooves, fuzzy guitar, and cool wah wah "cop show theme" sort of sounds. The set's got music by Goblin, Adriano Fabi, Franco Micalizzi, Luis Bacalov, and others -- and the whole thing's got a super-sexy look, with great documentation on both the material and the original films! There's lots of reproductions of posters from the films, and a huge amount of notes in English with a very high level of writing. Crippled Dick's always put a lot of hard work into their compilations, and this one is no exception! Dusty Groove

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