Saturday, January 19, 2008

Francis & DJ Format on Jazzman Records Radio

Jazzman Records Radio is a place I love to hang out.

As Gerald from Jazzman Records says:

We get all the main soul/jazz/funk collectors, DJs, beat-diggers and vinyl freaks from Europe, USA and Japan to show off their wax just for you. You're gonna hear jazz, Northern, electronica, latin, titty shakers, library, afro, modal, funky reggae, weird stuff, ska, soundtrack, ethnic and all flavours inbetween right here. All you need to do is click on the show you wanna hear, sit back and let your musical journey begin...

The 2 latest podcasts are from Francis and DJ Format:

Cedric Im Brooks Blackness of Darkness Afro
Cyril Diaz Tabu Calypso jazz
Llans Thellwell Reggae with a Feeling Funky reggae
Soul Messengers Saviour in the East funky soul
The Fresh Beginnings Ali Baba group soul
Open Blues Family Kristen und Heiden group vocal jazz
Mulatu Fikratchen Ethio jazz
Girma Beyene Ene Negne by Manesh Ethio jazz
Mulatu Sha Gu Ethio jazz
Lightmen All Praises to Allah spiritual jazz
Shake Keane Fidel modal
Howard Hanger What Wonderous Love modal
Explorations Song for my Lady Indian jazz
Mulatu Emnete Ethio jazz
The Lovers of God The Elements group soul
Irma Thomas The Hurt's all Gone soul
DJ Format Track List:

le chat du cafe des artistes-jean pierre ferland (france)
death of a wasp-latvian radio orchestra (latvia)
when you tell it..-the zipps (holland)
heavy-rene gerard (canada)
peter gunn-made in sweden (err..sweden)
sledge hammer-mike north (australia)
love-les palmares (canada)
i've got a zebra-unfolding (usa)
zotobree-*unclear who artist actually is (guadeloupe)
chicken watch-flamingo (czech)?? unknown,poss from ussr??
every time the same-eva ulrychovi (czech)
tuzan pada-exodusi (yugoslavia)
i'm so afraid-bokaj retsiem (germany)
boy with toys-the national gallery (usa)
tema de los temparos-los temparos (mexico)
extraction-matadors (czech)

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