Monday, January 07, 2008

Young Birds Fly Update

As regular readers of IDR will know, I have been championing the movie Young Birds Fly directed by Leonardo Flores.

Leonardo has sent me an update on the movie:

The DVD release for Young Birds Fly is coming along great. Here is the update:

1) Last night I finished up the DVD cover. It has a Criterion Collection feel to it and it looks great.

2) I will be working on the Poster/Liner notes that will be included in the package through next week. I will have a three essays about the film. One will be from myself about the making of the film and two others will be written by some people that I highly regard their writing and opinions.

3) I will be getting my second crashed hardrive back next week. The main goal here is to change out the vintage 6t's songs with Modern Soul/Reggae/Mod songs ( hint hint ). It will change the feel of the film BUT I glad those original songs inspired me to make the film in the first place. I hope one day I can reinclude thoses songs but until then It will be a showcase for todays talent. I will also make some minor edits as well.

4) My goal is to have it out before Summer 2008 amd I see no problems ahead getting it out before that date. 5) It will be a Multi region DVD so it can be played in all DVD players around the world. Unfortunely It will not have subtitles in any language. When I start making my next film in 2009 I will have translations written out from the beginning. It will just set back the release too long to get the 4 or 5 languages included in this release.and finally if you haven't read the review written by writer Maxine Hayward you can check it out

Thanks again & Keep The Faith!

Leonardo Flores

Leonardo has kindly let me see a copy of the movie and I will be writing up a review for IDR in the next week. I wish Leonardo every success with the movie because it is a delightful story.

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  1. Hey, this movie trailer uses the song my dad wrote and sang back in the 1960's. Why no credit?