Thursday, June 18, 2009


Songwriter/ Producer/ Engineer Poet/ Author at e-Boogie Productions;
Have you ever noticed that when times seem toughest, music seems to get better? I am a song born in Trenton, New Jersey and given the name Ellis E. Phelps aka (E Boogie). Music has always been the heartbeat of my existance. Song writing and producing is the passion that God has given me. Over the years I've developed BIG ears for many facets of music. Mixing and Mastering have been added to my favourites by a recent wave of new clients who have become fond of my gifts. Although I produced many local projects, Sedona Crusin was my debut project that I produced soley and there were a host of others including Jingles for various products and organizations. But I'm Still Here is my most recent project. Smooth as Silk they said.

Over the years I was blessed to work with many Artist such as the very talented and Diamond in the Rough WILLIAM SWANN this brother is truly a gift to the universe, I call him JAW short for "Just Add Water". A good Brother and a joy to work with. Then there is Cedric Pendleton of the Tyler Perry Show House Of Pain, Eshe of Arrested Development, The Poet Extrodinare Wayne "Breeze" Watson, Guitarist Reggie Ward of the SOS Band, "The Stand Up In It Man" Theodis Ealy, The Blues Man Lover's Guitarist Victor Hodge, Doc and Nayo Jones of Doc's Place. My latest project is the writing and production of the Soon to be Released CD by Nashid "No Strings Attached” and the list goes on and continues to grow. My listed Credits are over 200 completed songs, and the productions of 5 full lengths CD's not mentioning Mixes and Mastered Projects. I guess you can say I've been blessed. But Like I said and As anticipated and well worth the wait. Ellis Phelps' new release. "I'm Still Here"

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  1. Anonymous3:33 AM

    This is a wonderful CD that truly ministers to your soul on so many levels. It makes you reflect, tap your feet and sing praises to the creator. Wonderfully done.