Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lenis Guess Video On Dig Deeper MySpace

I missed advertising the above show but I picked up this message:

Hard to believe we've been doing Dig Deeper for a whole year now. What a fantastic way to celebrate our anniversary last night with Lenis Guess's first NYC show in over 20 years - this time backed by the Solid Set - and the first time he had ever performed some of his classic 45s live before - things like "For all you've been" and "Why, why, why'd she leave me?" (if you don't know that one, definitely pick up a copy - does not seem to be well known, and it's a killer).

We just uploaded 4 live recordings from the show last night - "Why, why, why'd she leave me?", "Working for my baby", "Just ask me", and "For all you've been". Thanks to everyone who joined us for yet another once in a lifetime show:


We'll be posting the setlists from Lenis's live set, and our DJ setlists on the blog on our myspace page over the days to come (the Scorpio Brothers played fantastic stuff), and hopefully will have photos from the night up shortly as well.

Hope to see some of you at our big 2 night end of summer blowout on August 28 and 29 - details are on our myspace page, and on another thread on this site as well.

- honky

Not just a great great show - Lenis sure knows how to work a band, they were awesome - but special mention has to be made for Best Entrance Ever: do the intro, band kicks into the vamp, and Lenis emerges in a knockout tricked-out Andres Williams-style suit including full wraparound red shades, takes the stage and with a completely expressionless face slowly eats a ripe peach for a whole 2 minutes, audience just stares open-mouthed at his beyond coolness until he leans into the mic and announces: "Mighty hard to find a good peach in New York City". Genius

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