Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sahib Shihab Summer Dawn

A fantastic early record by Sahib Shihab -- a motherlode of modal jazz grooves, cut during the early days of the Clarke-Boland Big Band! The record features a core group of players from that ensemble -- including Shihab on alto, baritone, and flute, plus Francy Boland on piano, Jimmy Woode on bass, Ake Persson on trombone, Francy Boland on piano, Joe Harris on bongos, and Kenny Clarke on drums -- all coming together here with a groove that's really groundbreaking -- a style that's sweet and soulful, but rhythmically revolutionary too! The tracks are all long and grooving -- with the kind of dancing jazz tone that you'd expect from the Saba/MPS label during the mid 60s -- a big change from the Argo label that originally issued the record. But that's no surprise, either, as the session was actually recorded in Europe by Gigi Campi -- the man behind the CBBB albums on MPS -- with a feel that's quite similar to other Shihab classics, like Companionship or Seeds. The whole thing's great -- one of Shihab's most wonderful records, and totally worth owning -- and titles include "Lillemor", "Please Don't Leave Me", "Waltz For Seth", and "Herr Fixit". © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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