Thursday, June 18, 2009

Skullsnaps New Release

New Day

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Titled (DOT COM LUV) and( Ain't NO LOVE.)

The greatest funk band you think you've never heard. However, if you're a fan of hip-hip than you've likely heard us sampled in more than a few songs. You may not know the Skull Snaps name, yet, but I'm sure you know the opening drum break on "It's a New Day." It's one of the most sampled drum breaks of all time. Many of the greatest hip-hop beats feature samples of Skull Snaps music.

Our self-titled album is one of the most sought after rare groove records on the market. It fetches 300+ by collectors and DJ's. We recently re-mastered and released it officially for the first time on cd. If you don't see it in your local music store you can order it from the label here - There will also be a new release coming this spring of old and new material. Also check back here often to check for live dates. We will be playing around NY in the near future. This is what the folks at aztec have to say about us and the album: ---Skull Snaps is a legendary funk album that has long been shrouded in obscurity. The band recorded their self-titled debut and a handful of singles in 1973, and then vanished without a trace.

In recent years, their vinyl has become ubiquitously sampled and highly collectible. The monstrous break that opens up their classic cut, Its A New Day, furnished the beat for countless hip-hop hits of the mid-90s (along with James Browns Funky Drummer and Sly & the Family Stones Sing A Simple Song, Its A New Day contains the most sampled break in music history). More than just a treasure trove for the Hip Hop community, though, Skull Snaps stands as a classic in pure funk and soul. The band's irresistible sound embraces the black vocal group sound of early 70s Temptations, Chi-Lites, and Dramatics, cut with an unmistakable originality. Every song is blessed with a gospel-soaked call and response dynamic that contrasts gritty lead vocals with the bands perfect harmonies.

Heavily bootlegged, Aztec Musics reissue of Skull Snaps is the first release that has been officially sanctioned by the band. This deluxe version has been digitally remastered, with extensive liner notes containing new interviews and rare photos, and contains 2 bonus tracks packaged in a 6 panel digi-pak.--- Anyways, besides just re-releasing that classic jawn we are back performing and getting our new album together. It will feature songs that were written and recorded back in the 70's that were never released as well as more recent ones. We are currently putting the finishing touches on it and trying to find a label to release it. We will also be performing soon in NYC.

Check their MySpace for details.

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