Monday, July 30, 2007

Lee Mitchell

Lee Mitchell Mix

I was prompted to put together a mix of Lee Mitchell's music after a post by Eli Reed on the Southern Soul list. Apparently, Lee surfaced at one of Eli's rehearsals with Roscoe Robinson and Eli was asking about Lee's music.

Here is the tracklisting for the above mix:-

1. You And You Alone Musicor

2. You're Gonna Miss Me Sure Shot

3. Where Does Love Go Sure Shot

4. Memphis On The Mississippi

5. The Economy Roll

6. Is It You Or Is It You? Roll

7. Best Shot Full Speed Ahead

8. So Called Friends Full Speed Ahead


Sure Shot 5030 Where does love go / You're gonna miss me (1967)

HL&M 001 Forgive this fool / Love of my baby (?)

HL&M 002 How can you be so cold / Unique (?)

Musicor 1479 Memphis on the Mississippi / You and you alone (1973)

Roll 001 The economy / Is it you ir is it I (1975)

Full Speed Ahead 7711 with the B'ham Rhythm Section - So called friends / Best shot (1977)

Hersey 4539 with the Boston Rhythm Section I come a long way / Oh ship of Zion (1980?)

Hopefully, we will find out more about Lee from Eli in the near future!!!!

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