Monday, July 02, 2007

Otis Funkmeyer

Here is another band worth checking out:

Otis Funkmeyer You Hit The Spot

Here is their MySpace blurb:

The Otis Funkmeyer Band featuring Leslie Rochelle is a nine-piece deep funk ensemble from New York City. Otis’s sound is heavily influenced by the funk and raw soul from the sixties and seventies, and seeks to retain the qualities found in that music: the visceral emotion of the vocalists, the dance-ability and musicianship of the grooves, and the raw, live feel of the engineering. Rather than simply copying the artists they emulate, Otis Funkmeyer pushes the boundaries of the genre with original compositions that are personal and unique. Through soul-bearing lyrical expression and experimentation in sound, The Otis Funkmeyer Band picks up where right where vintage raw funk left off.

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  1. Otis Funkmeyer7:05 PM

    Thanks for showing some love! Keep on exposing those hidden gems.