Monday, July 23, 2007

Young Birds Fly Premiere Feedback

Leonardo Flores has been in touch to tell me about the premiere of his film Young Birds Fly:


Thanks to the 200 people who came out to the first showing of Young Birds Fly on Saturday.

It was a fantastic screening and good times were had by all.It was a very party like and good vibes atmosphere in the theatre throughout the entire 3 hour performance of YBF...perhaps it was all the alcohol that smuggled into the theatre and after a few hours a few people were a bit drunk! Everyone seemed to get a kick out if the story and characters. Although many people did have their opinions on YBF generally speaking it was well received and I thank you for coming out and watching my film. I plan to cut down the film now meaning that the long print I screened on Saturday will not be screened again.

I had only wish that I could have talked to many of you that came out, but it all went by too fast and by the time I cleared out the theatre and packed my equipment everyone was gone! I would love to hear your opinion of the film so feel free to email me.Thanks to both the Long Beach Vintage Classic Scooter Club and Ricky and his Covina crew to bringing out all the Vintage scooters to the event. Also a special nod to all those who came out from Arizona and San Diego for the screening. Also thanks to John Garside and Julian for manning the projection booth and Riannon Beltran for heading the ticket booth. The above made the afternoon a day many people will never forget!


Leonardo Flores

Hope to be able to do a full review soon!!!!

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