Monday, July 23, 2007

Open Decks at The Orwell 27/7/07

I am really looking forward to this event. Here's the line-up from the organiser Steve Plumb:

Okey dokey here's the final TWO DJ's.................Let's recap

First to confirm and representing The Greatstone is Paul Havakin

Next two names on the list are Derek Smith (from Preston living in Chorley) and Jim Elliott (from 'daan saarf' living in Crewe.)

The next name is something we're very proud of..............................we've got an up and coming DJ by the name of Neil Jones who'll be representing his gaff 'Bury Town Hall' BUT he'll be playing an 'Orwell type' set!!

Next names on the list for 'Open Decks' night at The Orwell are the Boro Boys Adam Garbutt, Mike Lofthouse & Alan Thompson (Adam, Lofty & Tomo)

Next and representing The Three Greyhounds is Pete BestNext and also representing The Greatstone is Tony Jackson.............(doing a two's up with Paul Havakin to give us all a flavour of their lovely little club)

The final two are PETE HAIGH & ANDY LETT (Epic)Pete & Andy (although currently involved with Soulful Dance at Lytham) will be showing their credentials (and their age) with a 'Last Hour -Spirit of The Mecca' set!!!!!!!! Both regulars (as punters and/or DJ's) at the Mecca in the 70's, they will be bringing that spirit with them to inspire the dancers and the listeners!

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