Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stu Gardner To Soul With Love Revue

Stu Gardner I'll Always Love You Revue

Stu Gardner Loved Slipped Away Revue

A few weeks ago The Stepfather Of Soul had a post on Stu Gardner on his blog. I promised him that I would post up some tracks from Stu Gardner's 60's Revue album To Soul With Love. This album must be one of the most underated albums of the 60's and has received very little acclaim over the years.

The album does not crop up too often and I managed to get mine off Ebay in the early days after waiting many years to secure a copy. An old friend Jan Barker from Todmorden in the UK turned me on to the album back in the 80's off an old battered tape he had got from a Japanese collector. I subsequently located a copy in a record shop in Manchester but decided to let Jan have the copy because of all the favours he had done for me. I didn't appreciate how long my altruism would cause me to go without a copy!!!!

The album was recorded at the Gold Star Studios in LA in the summer of 1967 and was produced by Stewart Levine and Hugh Masekela. The album features Masekela, Wayne Henderson plus Mike McGriff and Bill Kinney who were members of Stu Gardner's band.

Stu Gardner is on my list of artists to interview so if anyone has a lead on him then please give me a shout.

As a postscript - if any budding record compilers are looking for a series of classic soul then look no further than the Revue/Uni catalogue.


  1. Hey Stu this Charles Fletcher Bass Player on Sanctified Sound Me and Gadson thinking of you all the time where in the Billy Blue Heck are you contact one of us talked to Bill 11-07-2008 at the Black Stunt Man event in Las Vegas he told me he had talked to you Recently 702-947-0825 or president@vitallogisticsdirect.com Thanks Stu

  2. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Hey you may wanna post this or not but his contact is garlis2002@yahoo.com


    Got his info off his card he gave me the summer of 08.I hope he doesnt mind me posting it.I guess the author of the blog will know what to do.

    Cool guy ...he does alot of stuff in Va to help with music arts.

  3. Gardner/Lisi Musical Services at 804-553-8074(office); 804-266-0564(fax); garlisi2002@yahoo.com; or at P.O. Box 26943, Richmond, VA 23261.

  4. Thyis is very interesting. The Stu Gardener trio are featured in the night-club scene in John Boorman's 1967 classic 'Point Blank'. But who the singer who apparently screams while Lee Marvin is beating the crap out a victim backstage?

    Rob Murray

  5. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Heres a great interview with Stu.