Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Listen To David Sea On Soul Discovery

David Sea has contacted me to remind readers of IDR that you can now hear his interview on Soul Discovery in the show's archives:

Just in case you missed it, you can still catch my wave on Sunday July 1st, to hear yours truly "The Sea Man" David Sea give my interview on 209 Radio. You can listen online by going to http://209radio.co.uk Click where it says archive then click onto that link. Thank you for your support.
God Bless You.
David Sea
Mick O'Donnell has also sent me the details of last saturday's show:
Archived...listen 30.6.07
Play-List 30.6.07
Harvey Scales “All in a nights work” (Earthtone) 12’
T.H.I.Q.U.E. “Back in love again” (Supersonic) 12’
Ramel “U put it on me” (R.W.)
Dre-T “Infactuation” (S.T.)
Tracy Mitchell “You” (Blackberry Jam)
Ruby Baker “Come to me” (Tropics)Dre-T “Infactuation” (S.T.)
Eloise Laws “Tenderness” (Rikki)
Special Guest David Sea“Angel” (Hy-tide) 7’“
Night after Night” (Crown Limited) 7’
“When did you start to stop loving me(Crown Limited) 7’
“Do it right now” (Crown Limited) 7’
“Love me down” (Magic City) LP
“I’m in the mood” (Magic City) LP
“I’ll only be here one more night” (Magic City) LP
“Let’s just get together” (Shotgun) 7’ UK Tel: 01642 806795
“Stay in my arms” (Park Place)
Chicago “If I open up my heart” (Stack It)
Richie Merritt “It’s never to late” (J-Bird)
Total Eclypse “Without be in Love” (Black Diamond)
Anita Easterling “I can’t see myself leaving you” (Da-Soul)
Darryl Howard “Give my love a try” (Saphire Rose) 12’
Ruby Baker “Motions of love” (Tropics)
Lonnie “Day Late-Dollar short (G&G)
Big Bub “My way” (Kedar)
Jeanette Harris “Waiting” (J&M)
For all playlists go to....... 209radio Forum
Thanks to everyone for tuning in, if you have any questions please email me at soul@209radio.co.uk
Next show Sunday 15.7.07
Special Guests
Ron Matlock & Ruby Baker

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