Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Soul Discovery

Mick has just sent me through the tracklisting for last Sunday's Soul Discovery.

Another great show which is now archived - next show up on 16/12/07.

Cambridge 105FM

Sunday 12.00-15.00
Archived show is currently available:

Play-List 2.12.07
Jeff Floyd “Changing times” (JF)
Will Easley “Don’t you like it”(Lisa Levin)
Will Downing “Fantasy (spending time with you)” (Peak)
Euge Groove feat: Jeffrey Osborne “Baby if only you knew” (Narada)
Parker “This world’s gone mad” (Moesoul)
Fathers Children “We got love” (FC)
Oak III “I can’t say no”(Oak)
Al Lindsey “Call Me” (Promo)
Earl Duke “Somebody’s getting it” (Mardi Gras)
Patrick Harris “Missin’ your love” (Lyn-Rome)
Stan Patterson “Smooth it out” (Outstanding)
Tina Diamond “Don’t play with my heart” (Avanti)
Ann Peebles “Nobody but you” (Blueeyes)
Doris Allen “Let’s walk down the street together” (SoulScape Promo)
Sweet Miss Coffy “If it’s love that you’re trying to fight” (Mardi Gras)
The Velons “String of my heart” (BJM)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride “Christmas is” (Promo)
John Butler “I’m a winner” (Mylestone)
John Butler “Heaven” (Mylestone)
Bobby Wayne “This house is haunted” (Bonedog)
Jous “I confess” (Tukk)
Jous “Promised” (Tukk)
Fathers Children “If I” (FC)
Fathers Children “Key to my heart” (FC)
Doctors of love “My forever love” (Universal)
LA Keisha “Morning rain” (Mardi Gras)
Carl Sims “I’ll go crazy” (Ecko)
Mychal Marcel “Let’s spend a quiet night” (Mychenja)
Lonnie Youngblood “Girl I’m gonna miss you” (Castle)
Fletcher Walker III “Guess you’ll never understand” (Paramount)
L&L Parr “Don’t say bye bye” (L&L Parr)
Shirley Johnson “Trippin’ on you” (Diamond Gem)
Vee Allen “Let’s pretend to be lovers” (Leland)
Aubrey Mann “Need your loving tonight” (AIM)
Lee Fields “At the end of the day” (Promo)
The Liberation Band “Loving U” (Lanor)
The Embers “The last time I’m saying goodbye” (Bluewater)
Oak III “I just wanna be with you” (Promo)

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