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Subway Soul Club 14/15 Dec 2007

Here's a tastier of the music they play:

Set lists for November 17 Subway Soul Club Category:
Some of the records played at the November Subway Soul Club:

Records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus:

Elliott Shavers—Soul Village (Blaun)
Johnny & Jake—It's a Mess, I Tell Ya (Mod)
Beverly Jones—Heat Wave (Swan)
The Radars—Finger Licking Chicken (Yew)
Les Beethovens—Pour Mois Ca Va (Miracle, Canada)
Howlin' Wolf—Pop It To Me (Chess)
Brian Redmond and the Sound Box—Boogaloo Up Bord Du Lac (Regency, Canada)
Nicole Lord—C'est Le Go-Go (Plaza, Canada)
James Brown & His Famous Flames—Choo Choo (King)
Les Chanceliers—Oogum Boogum (Citation, Canada)
Gene Miller—Sho Is Good (Hi)
Kernard Gardner—Do the Skin (Dore)
The Zodiacs—This Feeling (Dee-Su)
The Precisions—Instant Heartbreak (Just Add Tears) (Drew)
The Dovells—Something About the Boy (Event)
Richard Anthony—Dans Tous Les Pays (Columbia/EMI, France)

Records played by DJ Ty Jesso:

Fred Hughes—Don't Let This Happen To Us (Brunswick)
Embraceables—Let My Baby Go (Sidra)
Just Brothers—Sliced Tomatoes (Music Merchant)
Liberty Belles—Shing A Ling (Shout)
Velvelettes—Lonely Lonely Girl Am I (VIP)
Artistics—Hope We Have (Brunswick)
Respect—Soul Entertainer (Blue Elephant)
Vontastics—Never Let My Love Run Cold (St Lawrence)
Ebony Keyes—If You Knew (Pye, Germany)
Leon Austin—Two-Sided Love (King)
Baby Jean—If You Wanna (Stacy)
Bobby Garrett—My Little Girl ( Mirwood)
Darrow Fletcher—My Young Misery (Groovy)
Earl Grant—Hide Nor Hair (Decca)
Tommy Good—Baby I Miss You (Gordy)
Jelly Beans—Boy You Don't Mean Me No Good (Eskee)
Jimmy McCracklin—Can't Raise Me (Imperial)
Joe Swift's Internationals—Boo-ga-loo Party (Onacrest)
Mike Painter—Go Up! (Sexy Groovy)
Sugarman Three—Turtlewalk (Desco)
Lou Lawton—Knick Knack Paddy Wack (Wand)
Peppermint Harris—Wait Until It Happens To You (Jewel)
Tommy Hunt—Work Song (Scepter)
Extra Kicks—Let the Good Times Roll (Sko-Field)
Howard Guyten—I Watched You Slowly Slip Away (Verve)

Records played by Ol Stark:

The Steven Karmen—Breakaway (United Artists)
Jimmy Frasier—Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones (Columbia)
The Fantasions—That' s Where the Action Is (Satellite)
Johnny Bartel and the Soul Masters—If This Isn't Love (Solid State)
The Royalettes—River of Tears ( Big T, UK)
The Seven Souls—I Still Love You (Epic, UK)
Percy Milem—Call on Me ($tateside, UK)
The Impossibles—I Wanna Know (Roulette)
Dee Dee Sharp—What Kind of Lady (Gamble)
Billy Mack—Son of a Lover (Miss Betty)
Ted Atking's Orchestra—Following You (Chappell Productions, France)...and the finisher…Les Parisiennes—Les Plaisirs de Paris (Philips, France)

find out more about Ol Stark here

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