Monday, January 07, 2008


Listening to the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show has turned me on to several groups which are new to me - Kokolo are one such group.

"Yeah, we've got our own thing", states matter-of-factly Ray Lugo, leader of New York City powerhouse KOKOLO. Based on the spiky and hyper-funky grooves found in the group's latest album, Love International, it would be difficult to argue with the man. Few groups in today's global Afro scene generate as much attention and excitement as they do debate and criticism as KOKOLO. "It's the result of going against conditioned expectations", expands Lugo. "People are used to expecting the familiar, but I'm just doing my thing in my time. This is music that comes from my heart, humble music for the whole world." KOKOLO's ever-growing international appeal (to date, the band has performed in over 20 countries) appears to lend weight to Lugo's words.

Go to their MySpace and find out more and listen to their music.

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