Wednesday, November 01, 2006

George Soule Take A Ride Zane CD

George Soule is one of those special names associated with Muscle Shoals music which goes side by side with Dan Penn, Spooner, Bobby Womack and George Jackson. He has written many great songs for Candi Staton, Judy Clay, Percy Sledge and Bobby Womack etc.

My old friend, Peter Thompson of Zane Records, recently sent me a copy of George's new CD Take A Ride which is a truely wonderful aural experience. George has only been heard on a handful of recordings in the last 30 years but now we can hear him singing some of his best songs combined with some new ones. It's even more ironic that we have had to wait so long to hear a full album from George given he sang one of the most important socio-political songs of the 70's - Get Involved - which he reprises on the CD.

George took a 20 year hiatus from the music industry but proved back in 2005 that he could still sing when he appeared at the Barbican in London as part of the "It Came From Memphis" show. Take A Ride was recorded earlier this year and includes his versions of songs he wrote such as Percy Sledge's I'll Be Your Everything; Jimmy Jules's My World Tumbles Down; Ernie Shelby's Bend Over Backwards and Bill Coday's A Man Can't Be A Man. However, there are also some gorgeous new songs such as Trust, Take A Ride and Wait And See.

This album is pure, simple and so soulful - a true delight!!!


  1. Colin,
    Thanks very much for your review!
    Glad you like the CD! Hope to see you soon in the U.K..


  2. Hi George

    Thanks for dropping by.

    It would be great to see you in UK

    Take care and hope the CD sells loads!!!!