Sunday, November 26, 2006

Porgy & Monarchs Magic Music Makers Verve

Porgy & Monarchs Musicor Publicity Shot

Magic Music Makers

I have always enjoyed soul harmonies and one my real favourites from the 60's is the group Porgy & The Monarchs led by Porgy Williams. I don't think the above has appeared on CD even though Ace and others have issued several of their cuts.

I knew the other side "Love Chains" for years because it occasionally got plays on the UK Rare Soul scene but until earlier this I had not heard " Magic Music Makers". I picked up the 45 while in New Jersey in May which is very appropriate given that State is well known for group harmony sounds!

I would think given Richard Tee's involvement that the 45 was recorded in New York circa 1968. The group had also previously worked with New York maestro Teddy Randazzo on their Musicor cuts.I have not been able to turn up any details of the group.

The Ace liner notes are sparse for their issue of the group's sublime "If It's For Real" on the CD "New York Soul Seranade".

The book "Soul Harmony Singles" documents Porgy & The Monarchs had the following releases:-
Mala 462 Stay/Somebody Said (I'd Cry Someday) 1963
Sylves 123 That's My Girl/The Girl And The Boy 1966
Musicor 1179 If It's For Real Baby/That Girl 1966
Musicor 1221 My Heart Cries For More/Think Twice Before You Walk Away 1967
Verve 10597 Magic Music Makers/Love Chain 1968
Goldmine also issued a track entitled "Keep A Hold On Me" on their "Big City Soul Vol 4",which had lay in the can since the 60's which was also covered by the Platters and Diane Lewis.
Porgy Williams also had a solo outing on Sylves "Let's Form A Committee/Lonely Man's Hum which I haven't heard.


  1. Hi Colin,

    Thanx for this one too, and for the picture of this relatively unknown group. "Magic Music Makers" is a totally different sound than their Mala release "Somebody Said I'd Cry Someday" & "Stay". I have a gorgeous light blue wax dj issue of that 45 if you wish to post it here. Email me off forum, if you need it, and I'll send it back as an attachment for you to post.

    :) Nikki

  2. One of this group members Richard Parks is still alive and living in the Bronx. His brother John died a few years ago.