Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Junior Wells Live At Theresa's 1975 Delmark CD

Delmark Publicity Shot For Live At Theresa's 1975

Kevin Johnson from Delmark Records has just sent me a killer CD recently released by the company. Junior Wells has long been a fave of In Dangerous Rhythm with his raw soul tinged blues. This CD captures a terrific live performance by the man at the legendary Chicago blues club back in 1975.

The publicity blurb sums it up when it says "Man, You Should Have Been There" Junior Wells was a long time resident of the famous Chicago South Side club Theresa's Lounge. This CD proves how "bad" the man could be with as he rocks his stuff interlaced with a running commentary worth the admission fee alone and if you close your eyes your feel you down a the lounge sinking a few JD's and chilling with the man.

Junior Wells & Phil Guy

Junior Wells is backed by guitarists Phil Guy, Byther Smith and the late Sammy Lawhorn and unleashes tracks such as the opening "Little By Little which lays down the funky raw groove for the night; "Snatch It Back", "Love Her With Feeling" and many others which lit up this early winter's night back in the mid-70's

Junior Wells at Theresa's Lounge

As ever with Delmark, you get a quality release and Steve Tomashefsky's liner notes give you a flavour of being down Theresa's with Junior on that night.

Theresa Needham by Marc Pokempner

There was actually a lady called Theresa who ran the lounge - Theresa Needham and the liner notes tell her story outlining it's importance in Chicago blues history.

You can also purchase a book of photos taken by Marc Pokempner called "Down At Theresa's......Chicago Blues" direct from his website.

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