Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Lovers One Way To Love Frantic

This 45 is the other side of "Without A Doubt" which was played on the UK Northern Soul scene back in the early 90's.

The group were a West Coast one and started out as the Emotions before changing their name to The Lovers. The group consisted of Otis McHenry on lead; James Gregory second tenor; Daniel Sanders tenor; Robert Coleman baritone; and Melvin Williams bass/baritone. Otis McHenry left the group before the Frantic outings and was replaced by Cliff Butler. The group later became the Pacesetters with Darry Cannady joining them before he left to join the Natural 4.


Vardan 201 Do This For Me/Love A Girl 1965

The Lovers

Gate 501 Someone/Do This For Me 1965
Phillips 40353 Someone/Do This For Me 1966
Frantic 801 I Can't Believe/Everybody Needs Somebody
Frantic 2133/4 Without A Doubt/One Way To Love


Boola Boola 1004 Don't Love Hurt Pts 1 & 2
Minit 32043 I'm Gonna Make It/What About My Baby 1968
Fantasy 779 I Can handle It/Lovin' 1976

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Is there any good reason to suppose that the Lovers on Frantic 801 have anything to do with the Bay Area group? That Frantic is a Kentucky label and Cliff Butler was a well-known Kentucky bandleader/singer; see