Monday, June 05, 2006

Back In The Groove

One of the albums I have been playing to soothe my aching body and fix my soul!!

Unfortunately, over the last 2 weeks I have neglected the blog because I have had a few health problems mainly with my sciatica which has prevented me from typing for long spells at the lap top!

So I have a lot of catching up to do with people asking me what is happening with certain projects.

So here we go with a couple of updates:-

Lee Moses CD

This has now been slated for release by Sanctuary and Keeping Soul Alive has been helping with sourcing the vinyl for mastering in the absence of tapes plus we have been helping the compiler Simon White with the research.

Hermon Hitson/Freddie Terrell Interviews

These interviews will now be appearing in the summer edition of NSoul due out at end of July. They were also be posted on my Dark End Of The Street blog.

New Jersey/Philly Posts

I have quite a bit of material in the can and this will be appearing here soon!!!!

Laura Lee/Freddie Hughes Blogs

I have had a lot of feedback on these 2 blogs and I still have lots of unpublished photos to share - so once again watch this space!

Johnny Brantley Project

I have been gathering material in the background for some time including insights from Hermon Hitson and Richard Poindexter on Johnny. I now want to get this back on track with postings on Jimmy Norman up first.

Soul Diary?

The original intention of this blog was for it to be a diary - therefore I have some catching up to do here as well. To get me started again I will be running through some things I've been listening to and reading in the last week.

So let's get cracking!!!

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