Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Deep Soul Heaven Updates

John Ridley continues to treat us to additions to his excellent Deep Soul Heaven website. One of the latest artists featured is Sonny Green.

Sonny has been a perennial favourite of mine and his last 45 for MHR as John says is one of his best. Written by my old friend Alex Brown, one of the best female songwriters ever - just check out All Music to see her credentials. Alex is an excellent singer herself whether as a member of the Raelettes or Wonderlove, a backing singer on countless productions or a solo singer in her own right for several labels including her own Sundi label.

"I'd Like To Be Here" is a meaty Al Green influenced mid-tempo number with Sonny doing some gorgeous phrasing with a delightful backing of girls oohing and aahing probably including Alex. This is a memorable side to finish his career on and it also has some restrained sax solos and guitar riffs which compliment Sonny's vocals which build up towards the end before it fades out leaving us wanting more!!! Posted by Picasa


  1. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I'm looking for some biographical info on Alex Brown and that AMG link isn't very helpful. Anyone that can point me in the right direction? Or that can at least help me out on this: is she the same artist that's sometimes credited as Alexandra Brown? (on Hotter Than July and U2's Desire for example). Would be very grateful.

  2. Hi Peter

    Alex has been a very special friend to me over the years and we met up in LA in 2004.

    I have a blog dedicated to her in the waiting room to be released soon.

    If you email me perhaps I can help.