Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ken Emerson Always Magic In The Air

While I was recently trundling through the New Jersey countryside on a bus to Atlantic City, I happened to look over to see that one of my travelling companions, Francis Thomas, a long standing soul music aquaintance, was reading the above book. Francis had picked up the book prior to our trip in anticipation of visiting the Brill Building and 1650 Broadway Building which is the subject of the book telling the story of the wonderful music which eminated from their floors. Francis's enthuastic response to my question of "what is it like? " had me searching out on my return home.

Once again this book receives the full "In Dangerous Rhythm" recommendation. The book certainly paints the stories behind the songs and provides vivid acccounts of each writer filling a lot of gaps in my knowledge of such household names such as Burt Bacharach who with hal David produced some fine soul music by the likes of Chuck Jackson, Tommy Hunt, Lou Johnson, Jimmy Radcliffe and Dionne Warwick.

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