Monday, June 26, 2006

TSOP 35 Year Celebrations

UK soul fans descend on Gamble & Huff's Offices!!
Poster Celebrating The 35th Anniversary Of Philly International Records
Recently while I was in Philly, I dropped by Gamble & Huff's office with about a 100 UK soulies. It was so funny because the streets were full of police owing to a demonstration taking place in the city over immigration. The police started looking nervous as we descended from several buses and "stormed" into the offices and locals passing by stood bemused as little groups of soul fans gathered to have their photograph taken. We had to explain to several passerbys why the office was so famous and that in world terms Gamble & Huff had done more to put Philly on the map than Benjamin Franklin et al!!!!

Our visit coincided with the 35th Anniversary of Gamble & Huff's partnership - thanks for the music guys.

Later that day, we were able to express our thanks to Kenny Gamble in person when he was guest of honour at the Clef Club in Philly for a soul gathering organised by Weldon McDougal 111. The walls of the club resounded with wild applause for several minutes when Kenny took the stage.

More on the Clef Club event in subsequent posts.

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